how to open NMB Chap Chap Instant Account

NMB Chap Chap Instant Account. An instant account designed to help you overcome the major barriers to financial inclusion.

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Account features

  • It’s free to open the account
  • An attractive interest of 5%
  • Get access to over 6000 NMB Wakala Agents and over 800 ATMs countrywide
  • Free account maintenance
  • Gives you access to accounts anytime and anywhere
  • Ability to pay utility bills, check balances, buy airtime and make transfers remotely
  • Integrated with M-Pesa and TigoPesa

how to open NMB Chap Chap Instant Account

You will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to finance instantly
  • You will participate in formal financial sector
  • You get the convenience of using NMB Mobile and other Mobile Network Operators services (MNOs)

Available Currency Options 

  • TZS only 

Please visit or contact your nearest NMB branch or you can use our toll free number – 0800 002 002

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