knowledge and competency of small and medium businessmen

Joel, (2014) assessed on the business constraints that affect the potential growth of SMEs in Tanzania. The study aimed to measure the variables such as inadequate business training, insufficient capital, competition, ant-entrepreneurial culture, bureaucratic procedures in business registration, high taxes, technological barrier/backwardness, theft/cheating and lack of trust, poor infrastructure, corruption and lack of procurement knowledge that affect potential growth of SMEs were measured.

The study employed a quantitative approach to test hypothesis on the intensive literature review that conducted to find out the relationship between the variables. The findings found that lack of procurement knowledge, inadequate business training, insufficient capital and anti-entrepreneurial culture are significant constraints.

The study recommended that strategic training programmes need to be designed and implemented in order to provide SMEs with adequate entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitude so as to win the world of business competition.

Kibeshi, (2019) conducted a study that aimed at obtaining empirical evidence regarding the influence of strategic entrepreneurship on SMEs’ performance under the mediation of competitive advantage in the welding industry in Tanzania. knowledge and competency of small and medium businessmen. the study adopted learning orientation, strategic resource management and entrepreneurial orientation as strategic entrepreneurship components.

The study employed a survey method with cross-sectional design that used to collect data from 300 owners-managers of welding industry SMEs located in Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, and Mbeya urban centers. The study suggested that that learning orientation influences entrepreneurial orientation which influences strategic resource management to create competitive advantage that promotes SMEs’ performance.

Further, the findings implied that the it has been empirically demonstrated that knowledge is a unique resource that enables the acquisition of other resources and strategies. SMEs are urged to embrace learning orientation to create competitive advantage that leads to superior performance.

knowledge and competency of small and medium businessmen. The study verified that learning orientation, strategic resource management, and entrepreneurial orientation constructs adopted from entrepreneurship and strategic management literature are components of strategic entrepreneurship.


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